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Our Mission

"Go and make disciples" (Mt 28:19) "A disciple is not born, he is made" [unknown author]. The mission of the "IABC" cybernetic/face-to-face platform, is to train the students of the beautiful country of Cuba, through intensive biblical courses. We know that through this education, they will increase their theological knowledge so they can provide a better service with excellence for the kingdom of God. We also know that they will become leaders in their respective congregations and will be serving as new ministers, pastors and leaders of the "Jesus Strategy" in the mission field of this beautiful country.

Our Vision

Our vision is for each student go deeper into the revelation of the divine plans for our church, so that in this way, they can specialize on the most needed areas  that our congregations have in the new millennial era of our ministerial contexts. Our main goal is that each student can get trained so they can align with God's plans for the mission field, and to become better disciples of Jesus Christ and better citizens in their communities.

Library Books

Our Commitment

1. Our commitment is to our Lord Jesus Christ the only wise God, and to teach the doctrine of oneness according to (Deut.  6:4; Romans 9:5 and 1 John 5:20 [RVR1960]).

2. Our commitment is to teach students according to our foundation of the 19 doctrinal points of the Apostolic Assembly of Faith in Christ Jesus.

3. Our commitment is to base our teachings on the Bible as the main textbook, the rest of the books will be textbooks with various types of tools to make a better exegesis and hermeneutics to the sacred text.

4. Our commitment is to help the student body think critically about the sacred text, with the respective care of the dangers of Exegesis and disordered biblical interpretations.

5. We commit to the student body to respect their biblical and spiritual convictions. And also help them reorient those that are not in accordance with our doctrine of Oneness.

6. We are committed to working in an environment of great respect with Christian values and ethics.

7. We commit ourselves to make the experience of these studies from 2023-2024 the best in their theological formation.

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