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Welcome Message



Dear students:

It's a pleasure to greet you with the glorious Paz de Cristo!


We kindly welcome you to our new cycle of the "IABC" 2023-2024. We congratulate you on behalf of our International President, Felipe Salazar; our Bishop of Christian Education, Armando Tamez; Bishop of the Caribbean field, John Almaraz, and your servant, director & pastor Isaias R. Velez, for your willingness to take up the challenge of a new level of theological, spiritual, and academical training to serve with excellence in the glorious kingdom of God. (2 Timothy 2:15) "Strive to stand before God and receive His approval. Be a good worker, someone who has nothing to be ashamed of and who explains the word of truth correctly”.


Our teachers are mostly graduated facilitators with an accredited master's or doctoral degree on a government-recognized theological seminary. The entire faculty is pleased to welcome you and we invite you to a spiritual and fellowship environment of great mutual respect between the student body and facilitators. We know that through learning, we will raise our values to the level of the kingdom of God according to the Holy Scriptures.

Our curriculum covers all the needed tools for the bachelor’s training level, tools that will undoubtedly help you overcome the challenges in our ministry contexts.

Atte. Director of the "IABC" in Cuba.

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