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1. All students must fill out an application of admission. They also need a letter of recommendation signed by their respective pastor. By signing this application, students are committing to obey all rules and regulations of the IABC in Cuba, including the submission to the 19 doctrinal points found in the constitution of the Apostolic Assembly.

2. To attend, we recommend all students to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. (We recommend that students have at least 2 years baptized in order to enroll in the Associate program.


3. All students must dress according to the apostolic doctrines and disciplines:

• Casual Elegant

• No Shorts on Men

• No pants or short skirts on Women

• No make-up

• No jewelry

• Ladies must wear veils

• No bad Behavior or Bad Jokes on Class.


4. The Instructor is the maximum authority during class time.


5. All students must be up to date with the payments of their tuition. If any student is more than 2 months behind on their payments, they will be suspended until they cover the pending balance. (All students from Cuba will have a Scholarship)


6. Students must pay all outstanding fees before graduating and receiving their diploma.


7. The Cost for the Graduation Diploma and Stole is $150.00 dlls. The cost for the Cap, Gown, and Tassel is $60.00 dlls. (Subject to change)


8. Attendance is mandatory for each class session of every course offered.


Attendance is required for all students. Anyone taking a class online must be visible during class (unless the professor gives you a different instruction). 


Students can miss only two sessions (each night is a session) of any given course.


Absences must be of an emergency nature to be approved by the instructor. Any student missing more than two sessions per course must consult with the director to regain the course.

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